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We miss our Khang so much, but he live further in his children ,
grandchildren and in our hearts.

Khang was for me a very special love,
we undersood eachother and loved eachother ,
love and beloved was our motto.

So he is still a big part for me even when he crossed over.

And share mine feelings with you

Love you Khang mine love and life, and with your death,
 a piece in mine heart died also.

part 1

14-06-1998 --- 21-11-2011

Khang-Mar von Jilong


Ch Khang-Mar von Jilong ( Khang )

I lost a special friend today
the kind you can't replace,
 and looking at his empty bed
I still see Khang his face.

I see the endless energy
the sparkling puppy eyes,
Not the tired, fragile friend
I had to bid goodbye.

But as those precious years went by
And we both aged and grew,
I'd find Khang often slowing down
But we had still so much to do.


part 2

I've noticed in the recent times
Khang’s eyes and ears were not as sharp,
Where is that running ball of fur
The years have shown their mark.

My Khangie was a special dog
I know he gave his best,
But as I looked deep into his eyes
I knew it was time, for him to rest.

It will truely be a struggle
I don't know how I'll face each day,
I have to let Khang go. I know
But in my heart he'll always stay.

I know he's watching over me
Khang will be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on his beloved head
I told my Khangie boy goodbye.

Rest in Peace mine sweetheart.




Here Khang his life with beautiful highlights, miss you so much mine friend


Left picture Khang is 2 years old. Links is Khang 2 jaar oud.

 And on the right picture Khang is 9 years old. En op de rechterfoto is Khang 9 jaar oud.


Khang houdt van afwisseling, alles wat hij doet is met veel plezier en een lach.

Khang zijn lust en zijn leven ,draven op het strand het liefst zo vies mogelijk worden :-)

Hier een aantal foto's van Khang kinderen , kleinkinderen & achterkleinkinderen.

Hieronder 3 beroemde zusters van Khang / Below 3 famous sisters from Khang.

Kamadeva, Kandala, Katara von Jilong

3 prachtige kinderen van Khang, Zen, Fea en Dawa.

3 beautiful children from Khang, Zen, Fea and Dawa.

Khang zijn hoogtepunt was op de show BIG groep 9-Khang his highlight was at the show BIG group 9



Pedigree / Stamboom

Ch  Schanti's Reggie Lamleh




Multi Ch Sheydon's Sam-Dup



Ch  Sheydon's Che-Btsan
 Ch Sheydon's Mar-Gad Sa-Gshi

Woodruff's Aurora



Ch Ling Kor's Dakini Buccaneer
Ch Su-Khyi Zer Gser Chu
Multi Ch Tarsangri Fea Jilong



Multi Ch Fidai von Lu-Khang



Ch Charasan Barley
Ch Willowbrae  lucky Lu-Khang

Ch Tarsangri Dhyra - Ly



Ch Su-Khyi Just Whistle
Ch Norbulingka Quinny